REA is a series of five experimental films called Cycles, that explore: Coherence, Flow, Energy, Inertia, and Time.

REA allows the viewer to create their own meaning. If the viewer grazes, they will see something beautiful and if they immerse, they will discover something new from within. 

The audio was produced and performed with Ableton Live and visuals modeled, programmed and performed in real-time with TouchDesigner.

Cycle 1 is an exploration of nature, music and generative visuals to evoke a heart rate coherence. Research indicates that with practicing heart rate coherence you can release stress, narrow focus, get better sleep, and expelling the energies that divide you from being in your most complete form. I created the generative visuals with code and footage from my personal archives to help induce these feelings even further. For best results, watch in full-screen in a dark room with headphones or a sound system.

For Cycle 2 I dove into how I could trick the mind into a creative flow state. Flow in creative work requires concentration. The deeper submersion under the creative ocean, the deeper the commitment. For the visuals, I've created images from wind, noise, inertia and water. All visuals are performed live.

Cycle 3 is a study in light and time. The audio is a collage assembled from my field recordings of the electrical journey from substation (as close as I could get) to transformer and finally to the neighborhood distribution (power lines). Slowing down and mangling the tape on this reveals their brittle intensity. CAUTION: Wild frequencies on this one. For the visual, I crafted a lens modification to achieve a unique and ultra macro perspective. These deformations of light show the hidden worlds and kinetic shape of electricity hitting a film sensor.

I’m fascinated with the mysteries hidden within unseen forces like the magic in the wind or a being in flight. In Cycle 4 I’ve 3d modeled a set of wings and set it loose in a simulation visualizing an amplification of both.The video was performed and recorded live.

Cycle 5 is a realtime audio stretching and 3D environmental manipulation of a candle and flame. Performed live. 

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