The Great State of Utah

UX Design | Creative Director | Front-End Developer | Project Lead | iOS and Android

The Universe of Utah

Utah.Gov is home to over a thousand state, federal and local online services and informative websites that averages over 2.3 million unique visitors per month.

From 2010 to 2014 I was tasked as lead designer and front-end innovation director of all applications and websites under the umbrella. It was my charge to full actualize what a State Government web experience could be.

The breadth of the projects under the portal were vast and varied. And, during the tenure, I explored and helped revolutionize what governance in the digital space is and can be. From how we process payments quickly and securely on mobile devices to how we are informed for public advocacy to the integration of augmented reality to instruct, delight and inspire.


Key Projects
GovPay – Government Payment Processing Engine
Universal Application Framework – Efficiency in Application Development
CMS Publishing Framework


Utilizing four years of analytical information, I identified user needs and tailored the layout and experience accordingly. Additionally, I saw a 400% increase in non-desktop use, including smart phones, tablet, and HD devices and leveraged browser-detection technology to deliver optimal results to users, maintaining the highest service and functionality, regardless of device or browser. Metrics

Avg. Monthly Visits: 4.471M
Pages Per Visit: 6.49
Avg. Duration: 5:20



Every online payment in the State of Utah is processed through an enterprise application, built and maintained by Utah Interactive. Through this engine, millions of dollars are processed each month. Prior to my arrival at Utah Interactive, payments were segmented by agency, division, or even to application. Because of this segmentation, standards, improvements, or seemingly simple changes were nearly impossible to implement and test for the 30 unique versions of the payment processor.

Under my direction, and with the help of an amazing development team, we were able to create a universalized payment processing possible. Through the universalized GovPay, each unique application passes parameters for communication with the engine, including payment option parameters, post back characteristics and theming connections.

Since it’s initial rollout, the application has been adopted by all previously fragmented implementations. It has made maintaining, managing, and upgrading the code base much more efficient, allowing the application to be brought up to current user payment and checkout expectations. This application has increased internal resource efficiencies, improved customer relationships by effectively resolving any potential issues with ease and brevity, and has made allowed for consolidated metrics for better global and specified meaning.


Universal Application Framework

After the launch of the award-winning, I began focusing on dramatically adapting to State of Utah’s holistic application experience. Over the many years in’s existence, the portal has been through a change of Creative Director hands many times over. Through the age of an application and the sheer vastness of applications that we managed for the State it was virtually impossible, or fiscally rational to revisit applications as quickly as design standards evolve.

Additionally, a problem with many State government applications and websites are the drastic differences when moving form agency to agency. These disparities, while beneficial in differentiating internally, hold little aesthetic value to citizens. What they see is a differently design web site, which can only lead to confusion, and abandonment.

The Universal Application Framework places a standardization of code, developmental platform, and aesthetic guidelines for creating project with cohesion and efficiencies. All applications within the framework pull from a set of centralized code and pattern and javascript resources that can be globally updated with ease. As a result, development and creative resources have been able to focus creating better application experiences and save time on building the shell that surrounds it. It has increase internal efficiencies by over 500%, allowed for better accessibility, enterprise wide, allowed for better in-application advertisements, instilled greater client start-to-finish checkout retention, and instilled a stronger brand visibility.


  1. 40% Faster To-Market (Citizen) Efficiency
  2. Design Consistency throughout all applications Utah
  3. Increased statewide application PCI Security Compliance
  4. Internally shared and adopted by 32 states