SHSHA – The Ascent

Art Direction | Music Production | Website | Video | Motion Graphics

Enter the futuristic world of SHSHA–set 2000 years into the future where any alteration of consciousness is strictly forbidden. At the center, the protagonist, thrown into a plot to uncover the truth about their false reality. Dense eigh? How’s that for a twist on the traditional release format? To tell this story as well as lead up to the release of the album, the campaign included an email kickoff, instagram campaign and a multimedia website:

Prelude Teaser & Preorder Website

XTR. A foreign, illegal psychedelic. Where everything went wrong. To tell the story, I wrote, directed, 3D modeled and shot a video to tell the story in both video assets and a comprehensive website.

shsha-1 shsha-2 shsha-3

Album Video + Order Site
Accompanying the release, I produced a 44 minute first-person visual experience to accompany the audio:



Album Art Direction