Ray Lamontagne – Ouroborous

UX Lead | Interaction Development | Video

Concept & Design: Manya Kuzemchenko of RCA Records
UX Development: Jonathan Higley
3D & Pseudo Video Direction: Jonathan Higley

PHASE I – Interact

The anticipation begins. A short loop teases Ray’s single ‘Hey, No Pressure’. Built using HTML5’s canvas, visitors can directly control and interact with the album artwork, subscribe for updates and pre-order.


PHASE II – Pseudo Video

With over 10,000 page hits in the first week, Phase II launches — a pseudo video featuring the full length version of the track with visuals from the HTML5 player in high definition.

PHASE III – Tracklist

Phase III features an interactive vinyl flipper, album credits and, most exciting for press and media, a complete tracklisting.

PHASE IV – Preorder

In the final phase of the campaign, visitor can finally pre-order the album and special editions.

PSEUDO VIDEOS (908,000+ Combined Views)

The perfect bookend to the project, the same interactive animation was used as a generative output of the full pseudo music videos for Lamontagne’s singles ‘Hey, No Pressure’ and ‘In My Own Way’.


HTML5 Canvas w/ Reactionary Javascript