Video | Motion Graphics | Soundtrack Composition

When you think Lamborghini, you think aspiration; sophisticated power; speed and adrenaline.

It’s a symbol of a successful life’s work for those willing to take risks and push themselves beyond the limit.

Ownership is a culture with very few players. Within that inner circle, there’s an even greater experience — the Lamborghini Elite Racing Club.

Selected participants gather from around the world to learn advanced driving tactics with trained racing professionals to get the highest performance and handling out of their machines.

In collaboration with Scene7, I was commissioned to edit and score an adrenaline-infused soundtrack for their three-minute documentary.

The piece includes three musical cue’s, each tailored for building the right mood–whether it’s the intensity of the road, the calm before the storm, or the black tie gala.

Squadra Corse Promo

Seguna Corse Promo

Creative Lead of Audio Department, Video Editing, Composition, Sync, Mixing and Mastering